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Friday, April 22, 2011

First Brigadier (Briptu) Eka Frestya Want to Be Models

Briptu Eka Frestya Ingin Jadi Model
Brigadier (Police) One (Briptu) Eka Frestya is one of the ambassadors in the National Police corps duty closer with communities. Through television, he and some colleagues often appear convey traffic information.

Eka sweet face makes her easy to remember people. The 23-year female beauty is also equipped with, according to her confession, courage and joy in the challenge.

Eka Frestya Yahoo! Indonesia interview in the office of the National Police Traffic Management Center of the Republic of Indonesia, Jl MT Haryono, East Jakarta, some time ago. He told of the reason the police until the type of guy dreams.

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2 Comments to “First Brigadier (Briptu) Eka Frestya Want to Be Models”

Jane said...

another celebrity Police Officer?

Mia K said...

whether this is part of the image improvement of Police in Indonesia? after a First Brigadier Norman, now comes First Brigadier Eka? whata interesting ..


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