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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wealth, Success and Love

Wealth, Success and Love tengku dabo singkep
Wealth, Success and Love - Once, there was a woman who returns home, he noticed there were 3 people bearded man who sat in the front yard. She did not know them all. She said: "I do not know you, but I'm sure you all must have been hungry. Let's go inside, I have something to prop your belly." Bearded man then asked, "Is your husband home?" The lady replied, "No, he's out." "Oh, then, we do not want to go." "We will wait until your husband back," he said.

In the evening when the family gathered, the wife told him all what had happened to her husband. The husband initially confused by the events narrated and he said to his wife, "Tell them I have returned, and they all can go to enjoy this dinner." The woman then came out and invited them to come inside. "Sorry, we could all go together," the man said almost simultaneously. "Loh, why?" the woman asked for feeling surprised.

One of the men said, "His name is Wealth", he said, pointing to a bearded man next to him, "whereas this one called Success", a bearded man holding another's shoulders. "While I myself called Love. Now, try to ask your husband, who among us who can get into your house."

She re-entered into, and notify messages guy outside. Her husband was surprised. "Oho ... fun at all. All right, then, try to take the property you enter into. I want this house full of wealth." His wife did not agree with that choice. He asked, "Honey, why do we not invite the success of the course? Because it looks like we need him to help the success of our wheat harvest." It turned out that their children listen to the conversation. He also participated propose who should get into the house. "Would not it be better if we take the love that goes into? House we will be comfortable and filled with the warmth of Love. Husband and wife agree with the choice fruits of their hearts." All right, get in. Love is the inside. And tonight, The Love became friends our dinner".

The woman went back outside, and asked the three men. "Who among you is called Love? Come on, please sign in, you be our guest tonight." The Love rose, and walked to the porch of the house. Oho .. it turns out, the two other bearded men also participate.

Feeling strange, she asked the wealth and the success. "I only invited Love that goes into, but why did you come too?" The two men who were asked were answered simultaneously. "If you invite the Wealth, or Success, then the others will stay outside. However, since you invited Love, then, wherever Love goes, we'll go with him. Where there is Love, it will also Wealth and Success participate. Because, you know, we actually blind. And just the love that can see. Only he who can show us the way of kindness, to the straight path. So, we need guidance when walking. When we live our lives.

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