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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Want to Be A Professional Students

I want to be a professional student who is my long post title this time. This paper, I go mainly for myself and for my friends of students who want to become a professional student who sat on the bench during lectures (I studied at the State Islamic University of Sultan Sharif Kasim Riau Pekanbaru). This article I also wrote to maintain my idealistic as a student who was not only pleased with the experience of campus.

Not a few students sitting on the bench at the High School who intend to continue their education at university. Although in a state that does not allow for college as well as the lack or absence of tuition fees. In this day and age, it is thus not an obstacle to continuing education to a higher level. Because not a few students who are capable of college while working.

Could the problem here is a student into a professional student during his lecture.

Not a few of the students who go to college who just want to find a sensation during the course or maybe just follow the prestige of living as a youth. And not a few college students only limited interaction, trial and error, or indeed the element of compulsion from parents. When asked to me to what my private college? it all depends on the intent and purpose of why I have to lecture. The answer is very general meaning, if explored more deeply.

College is an education level higher than high school level that not only teaches about the specific science about what direction we take, but we are also required to be more creative and innovative in the face of the future world of work. My language is above a lot of opinions that will arise if explored in depth. Lecture ends want to get a job. I am interested in the statement of one of my professors on campus, "If the college you just want to get high marks, you'd better go home right away and never come back to this campus." At first glance then, the arguments presented by my professor is too excessive, but if explored more deeply, what was conveyed by him is a motivation for me to know the meaning of lectures. Lecture if just want to deepen their knowledge, the better I became an expert or professor. Well, this issue makes me think more towards the front in accordance with the target why do I have to lecture.

Back to the problem early. For me, meaning I had acquired while studying in college, taught more about how I should take advantage of opportunities that match my skills sharpening during the lecture. Able to compete, able to be creative, innovative and capable of standing alone as a professional in dealing with problems in the world of work later. Master of science in the field of Information Technology (IT) is the specific knowledge I learned in college, the knowledge I gained was not merely to be learned but must be used as a way to compete in the world of work. And not only that, the science that has been learned dikampus also trained me how science can be appreciated by others who are certainly not cheap. Not apart from that, the goal to develop and promote the area where I live is one that should my weight goal lead.

All in all, I would not be able to achieve without the provision and preparation that much as long as I still get education campus. Studying hard in school and seek additional knowledge and experience is still beyond my initial strategy in the face of challenges to be faced in the future. And now this is the days to glance at the appropriate opportunities to be used as feedback for my taste the knowledge and experience during on-campus and beyond.

Without learning on campus, I will never feel the deepening of knowledge is more specific, without looking beyond the campus experience, I can never know the opportunities I had to take in the future. But here, the most important thing when I was studying in college, I had to become a professional student in the areas of science being studied as an initial strategy to gain experience and opportunities I have to take. Be a professional student, if you want to keep quality as a student who can stand alone in facing the competition in the future.

This article I wrote just to increase my motivation to students who are not just looking for science classes, but also maintain responsibility and quality as a student of my campus.

NB: I'm sorry if this paper is difficult to understand.

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2 Comments to “I Want to Be A Professional Students”

Blog Keluarga Kesehatan said...

I don't understand for some sentences. But believe don't low for your interest to learn , learn and learn....

Unknown said...

i wonder how i can understand this article ... i'm sorry i can't speech english fluently ... ada yg pake bhsa indo ngga nih ... Alhamdulillah ya sekarang kuliah di UIN ... saya baru saja lulus dan lanjut di UIN Maliki Malang


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