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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Satisfaction If Done Alone

tengku puasnya dikerjakan sendiri
Sometimes it's hard to do things, but when there is the courage to start it, would be resolved. Although the results do not necessarily match what we want. As difficult as anything we imagined before trying it, unlike after we tried. Depending on the willingness and efforts of our own.

For the birth of a great work is not as easy as what we imagine. Probably very heavy to do it. But usually it will feel satisfaction when we are able to do it and what is done is indeed a result of our own toil. Because we know what we previously had planned and what the outcome of our plans.

Not easy to bear a large work, must pass through several stages and processes for making it. The process is determining the success of the work that we make. Because with a good process would give birth to a perfect work. Reaching the peak of satisfaction and success and maintain the quality of the work we do is to do it yourself according to ability and effort that is on ourselves ...

Original Post : Puasnya Jika Dikerjakan Sendiri

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Kurnia Rahman said...

wahhh mantab,,, blog nya bahasa bule :D
gimana buat feedburner bg??


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