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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Video Clips bombastic Dewi Pertiwi Indah

Video Clips bombastic Dewi Pertiwi Indah
Video Clips bombastic Dewi Pertiwi IndahDo not want to be treated the same as most singers, Beautiful Goddess of Earth to do something different in the newest video clip, "Hypnosis". In order to achieve fantastic results, the singer who had a duet with Sandhy Sondoro in the song "The volatility of Love" is to be willing to spend more than a billion dollars just for the cost of making a video clip.

For what kind of money?

Try to watch a video clip that lasted 8 minutes 16 seconds of this. From beginning to end, futuristic feel of thick awake. Shooting is done in various exotic places in Indonesia such as Bali, Spring Waterfall Gile Lombok, Jakarta Bay, and Tanjung Aan Lombok, spoil our eyes. The use of special effects is clearly seen here and there. Moreover, the video turns out this is the first Indonesian music clips created in 3 dimensions.

Bayer also uses the video clip "Hypnosis" as a chance show off his skill in dancing. Unmitigated, in order to display the dancing and choreography as a professional hip hop dancer, Belle had left for America in January specifically to train."I train to New York, irreconcilable ketch Music, and I can be more insightful form of international choreography," said Belle.

The singer born in Bogor, January 30, 1991 was admitted to not think too much about whether her album will explode on the market, or whether he is a fantastic cost to spend on a video testimonial match."I just wanted to give a different and unique to the modern concept of digital," he said.

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