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Monday, May 16, 2011

Department of Information Technology UIN SUSKA Pekanbaru Riau

Department of Information Technology (IT) Faculty of Science and Technology UIN SUSKA RIAU - Here I lay out a brief history of the establishment of Department of Information Technology Faculty of Science and Technology UIN SUSKA RIAU obtained from the website.

In the presence of the geographical position is strategically Riau Province was a very positive impact for the development of regional and provincial economic growth, especially in the era of regional autonomy that mastery has been invited-legislated since 1999. Construction of a number of areas which could result in pockets of capital-intensive industry that high-tech background, such as the Bengkalis region (town of Dumai and Duri), Siak and Pelalawan has increased, on the one hand, the volume of traffic and production of goods and commodities, on the other hand, mobility of people which resulted in acculturation between the ideas of international intellectual and cultural ideas and culture with local communities.

Opening enclaves, capital-intensive industry background is a lot to absorb high technology experts who are competent to perform all the necessary equipment in the industry. One element of experts that is needed is information technical experts, either as a computer programmer or software engineer, system analyst, network administrator and web designer, database administrator, information technology engineer, and as a consultant information system and information system managers.

In fact, look to the recent tendency of development of the world's information technology sector was also approached the operational areas of governance, economy, agriculture, animal husbandry, communications and services, could certainly use experts informatics techniques must be one that can not be avoided, especially in the years ahead. This fact will increasingly have been inevitable given the approval of the AFTA agreement which establishes the ASEAN region as a zone of free trade since 2003 and the world in 2020.

As a concrete answer to the new developments that occur evenly across the province of Riau, UIN Suska Riau which is one of the higher education institutions of Islam opening the Department of Information as a form of active participation in building and educating the public, especially in Riau Province, with the knowledge and skills required to fill and color the construction and development of the Riau Province.

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