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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baerke Van Der Meij 1.5-old Boy Football Player

Maybe someday Baerke van der Meij become the world's top football players who came from Holland. Video uploaded by his father to YouTube could be an evidence of the ability of 1.5-year-old boy was at the game of football.Baerke father videotaped his son who was kicking the ball into the box game. All the little boy kicks in with smooth running. Even a professional football player like he can put the ball in good position and kicked once, GOL!

Incidentally videos uploaded it to the attention of VVV soccer club based in the southeastern city of Venlo van der Meij where the family resided. Lub was invited Baerke to demonstrate that skill. Actually, not surprisingly Baerke can play football well. His grandfather, Jan van der Meij, formerly was a player of this club VVV. When Bearke was able to amaze the club footballer of this club, Ken Leemans.

Videos uploaded already seen more than 100 thousand people. Originally, this video lasts 1.67 minutes. See action Baerke van der Meij:
Baerke Van Der Meij 1.5-old Boy Football Player

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