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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Life With Criticism

tengku khairil ahsyar kritikan
Some people, who feel happy with the praise and some are feeling it mediocre. But there are also people who feel that it is a compliment to her lashes. Praise is praise someone who expressed his admiration of the excess or the success of others. And praise is one of the habits of human nature which is also the motivation and devastation for someone.
Why do some people happy with the compliment? And why anyone would not like him to be praised? In accordance with my post title this time, "My life is not with praise, but with criticism "....

For me, self-praise is a temptation to test whether I am aware of all the shortcomings that exist in me or not. One of my vices are despicable is always satisfied with everything I have achieved, although not necessarily able to maintain good I was. One more thing, sometimes I also often feel I am the most able of all, but behind me there are still many people who exceed the capacity of the capabilities of my ability.

Not many can I do when I was praised by others. Seemed inappropriate and incorrect to me praised by others. There are many other people behind me are to be commended, because they're the one I can achieve success. Perhaps the criticism is right for me thank, because criticism can add passion and my motivation to keep trying.

One of which is to make changes in my life is thought and effort. During this time, I always instill reflect the nature of myself and others. Reflecting from myself I want to measure the limit when his abilities and my strengths. Reflecting over others, why people can who can not.

And so far I am very aware of all the limits of my ability in facing this life. Starting from the success delayed, until criticized by others, it is very dependent of my personal self react to it. What is clear when I'm on top and immediately I got a compliment, so I consider it as one that must be resisted temptation to continue doing a better direction. Very heavy load received when I was above. One thing that reminds me of the weight of maintaining something, my parents warned, "Maintaining more difficult than to get." It was indeed real and true.

Starting from the limitations to bear the new spirit that motivated me to continue to cover up any shortcomings. Criticism after criticism that comes in repeatedly whether from family or anyone else has to be triggered my passion to continue to improve themselves and reflect the lack utuk always try. Nothing says "No way" before I try and do it.

Translate to Indonesia : Ku Hidup Bukan Dengan Pujian Tapi Dengan Kritikan

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4 Comments to “My Life With Criticism”

Nursing Information said...

Mau menerima kritikan dan belajar untuk memperbaikinya merupakan ciri2 orang sukses.

Merliza said...

We all have to live with criticism. No matter what we do or how well we do it, there almost always will be someone there to criticize our efforts..

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

butuh jiwa yg besar. dan jiwa besar itu didapat dari kebiasaan dan latihan. :)

Bunda Loving said...

hi .... I've come to visit, great-great post. I am sorry to follow .. and do not forget to follow back ...


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