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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Funny Country

negeri yang lucu
Sometimes we forget, do not wear clothes we consider funny or even a disgrace, in terms of culture of this country it is. In this country difficult to distinguish between shame and funny, television had a funny show that makes the officials so embarrassed, she said the song is said to be necessary if the person already embarrassed.

In this country, its people funny, funny officials who are unhappy because they feel disturbed even though they knew what happened was something that was not funny, and they should be ashamed.

If you say this country is a land of deception will be our shame, if we are not ashamed of what we do not feel cheated? But let the people who embarrassed the country of origin should not be country-circumvention circumvention because officials do not know shame, rice prices rose even officials can only blush.

Want to wear clothes or even embarrassed, that obviously we do not have to put on. Agrarian country that imports of rice what is not ashamed? Perhaps a sense of shame has become a song so that it does not matter if you just seem so embarrassed. Someday we curse officials have turned to stone, until finally came a queen who want to make them as a maid.

Maid? That term really, but officials say their foreign heroes who always had the assist. Maid is a maid who can not be replaced with a new term. Even if they know they are certainly not going to be a maid!

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